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Go Go Brush: Because Oral Care Starts at Home

How long have you had your toothbrush? Are you positive that the toothbrush you use everyday is yours only....and not your sibling's, dad's or mom's? These questions are important because you cannot discount the value of the humble toothbrush towards your oral health. With Go Go Brush, you don't have to.

Our story

As a practicing dentist with 25 years of experience, I place a high premium on dental education. Of the thousand-odd cavities and bacterial infections I have examined, many could have been prevented with simple dental habits. Like brushing your teeth twice a day with your own toothbrush. It got me thinking: what if there was a way to ensure you use an effective toothbrush, one that is positively yours? Go Go Brush was born from the desire to solve this problem, as a committed dentist and a caring dad.
The American Dental Association recommends that you replace your toothbrush every three months.
If the bristles in your toothbrush spew in different directions, it's time to get a new one. This brush is doing a poor job of cleaning your teeth, which means your oral hygiene is being compromised.
Sharing a toothbrush increases risk of gum disease.
Say your best friend has a bacterial gum disease she's not yet aware of. You use her toothbrush at her super-fun slumber party. There is a real chance that the bacteria from her mouth has made its way into yours, via the guilty toothbrush. As gross as it sounds, this situation plays itself out more than you may imagine. The fact is, sharing your toothbrush with a family member or friend is unsanitary. You're exposing your mouth to germs and gum diseases.

A Go Go Brush subscription takes the guesswork out of the toothbrush puzzle

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Get a new toothbrush every *three months* with your *name* and *date*
Don't ever use a wrong or bad toothbrush again
Lower the risk of cavities and gum disease
We keep track of your subscription and unfailingly send you your very own custom toothbrush on time every time.
We can’t promise that you will never get a cavity; however we know you will have fewer dental problems.
We care about your oral health as much as you do.

Our patients love their Go Go Brushes. Subscribe now and get yours today!